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Zulus usually carry more than one title, which happens to be often a combination of a number of names offered by the customers on the extended family.

This title has managed to hold on to its recognition over any of the above names. It means ‘bearer of items’.

tiekie/tie-kie/ticky – taken in the term "tiekieboks/ticky box", is the favored title from the now out-of-date streetside payphone. However ticky bins are still in use, they are actually mostly replaced by cellphones.

Koeksister – lit. "cake sister". A sweet pastry that's been fried and dipped in a very honey syrup, and shaped in the shape of a French-braid. It can also check with lesbians.

cava – this means "to view: (the c is pronounced as a dental click on). It can be used indicating equally "to see" or "to understand" as in "Did you cav that ?" or as in "Does one cav what I am stating?"

Busisiwe can be a Zulu origin title and implies ‘blessed’. Like a ‘blessed’ name, it’s obvious why this title is employed so seriously among in African, Zulus in particular.

This listing of "Afrikanerisms" comprises slang words and phrases motivated by Afrikaans along with other African languages. Typical people contain people with Afrikaans as their to start with language but who talk English as a next language and people living in parts exactly where the inhabitants speaks the two English and Afrikaans. Many of such phrases also occur commonly amongst ethnic/indigenous South Africans, and Some others living in neighbouring nations around the world including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia etcetera. These conditions tend not to occur in official South African English. Note in the event the letter "g" is both the first or very last letter from the term or syllable, it really is pronounced being an unvoiced velar fricative behind the throat.

increased quality – a tad as well challenging (in the South African matric division of tests into normal grade and higher quality. The program of dividing topics into larger website and conventional grade has become non-existent as of 2008.)

voetsek – impolite way to mention "disappear", typically made use of with animals or as derogatory term. (from Dutch voort seg ik by means of Afrikaans)

give rocks – to become indifferent. By way of example: I give rocks about your worries! (I could not treatment about your concerns!) Will also be abbreviated to "Give rocks.", and the detrimental Variation "I don't give rocks" indicates exactly the same point.

kafferpak – lit. the exaggerated losses of one sports staff all through a match, especially if the group didn't have their head in the game, or If your opposing workforce was overpowering. Is usually regarded as heavily derogatory mainly because it refers to the slaughtering of black Africans by Afrikaners in the course of Apartheid.

Slavic: Dawn; variant of Aurora; "Probably love can be a powerful necessity imposed on male by God that has one thing to carry out with suffering."...

kreef – virtually signifies "crayfish" but it surely refers to your promiscuous female While using the intent to catch the attention of men.

This typical Zulu baby identify won't want any fancy embellishment to keep its attractiveness. It means ‘Raise the house.’

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